Castles, Customs and Kings Volume 2

Castles, Customs, and Kings: True Tales by English Historical Fiction Authors (Volume 2) - English Historical Fiction Authors, Sue Millard, Debra Lee Brown
Have you ever wanted to know more about British history but you don't want to read a dry boring history book with data that you will never remember? Yes, me too. I love reading about British history, Tudor era especially. Castles, Customs and Kings Volume 2 is perfect, not only does it follow the first volume in that it kind of continues or actually contributes more to the reader. I have read both of the volumes now and equally impressed. The articles come from well known historical authors such as Sandra Byrd, Anna Belfrage, Nancy Bilyeau, Debra Brown, Stephanie Cowell and so many more. 
One of the things I liked about how the ebook was set up was the listing under each author's name for their websites, Twitter, Facebook and any other social media they contribute to. I think that gives the reader an insight into who their favorite authors are, all in one book. After the list of authors, about 50 of them, there is a section on the list of novels each author has written. Wow, that is one long list of books to read. I went through the list and there are quite a few that I have read, but there are so many more to get to. 
The book starts off with Pre-Roman to Early Medieval Britain (pre-55 B.C.-A.D. 1000 to Victorian Era and the Twentieth Century), now that is a lot of history covered. Within each section, the articles range from a glimpse inside a Roman home, The London Tornado of 1091, the Making of a Medieval Queen and The Lady's Monthly Museum. Once you get through all that there is another section called Historical Tidbits across the Ages. We learn about some castles such as Leeds and the Palace of Holyroodhouse, Witches, Midwives and Childbirth to Beds and Bugs through the Centuries.
All of the articles within the covers of Customs, Castles and Kings Volume 2 come from the English Historical Authors blog. All impeccably researched and fun to read. If you love British History like I do, then this book needs to be in your library.