A New Series!

Murder in Mornington (A Sassy O'Brien Mystery, #1) - Kemberlee Shortland
Reading a book by Kemberlee is always a pleasure. They are always
well written, great characterization and real emotions. Murder in Mornington is a 
novella that reads fast, but you probably won't want to otherwise you might miss 
Sassy O'Brian is a woman who runs her own business as a hairdresser
but rarely takes time for herself. She is on a run with her wolfhound one morning 
when she finds a body on the beach. At first she thinks it is a homeless person 
but on further investigation
she realizes that it is a man and he is dead. With her nosy personality
and love of crime tv shows like Castle, she decides to take pictures of the crime 
scene before the police get there, hoping to figure out who the man is and how he 
One of the investigators, hunky Detective Donnelly, is enamored of Sassy
and a kind of sort of relationship grows between them even though she is asked 
not to get involved, she does anyway. There are many clues are overlooked 
and Sassy picks up on them. With the help of her brother, Liam, the clues tell a 
story of how the man came to be on the beach, and, of course, the blossoming 
relationship is fun to read.
I think I am going to love this new series, a cozy type of mystery if you will,
 and especially the antics of Sassy will keep me wanting more. Thank you 
Kemberlee for another winner! Plus I love the cover!

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