Missing Pieces

Missing Pieces - Heather Gudenkauf
Small town life can be so simple, so easy.  A simple stroll down the sidewalk can turn into coffee with a friend.  Neighbors look out for one another and are usually willing to lend a helping hand.  Days flow into one another with pure simplicity, until something happens that shakes a small town to its very core. 
It was an event such as this that brought Jack Quinlan and his wife Sarah back to his hometown of Penny Gate, Iowa.  His aunt had taken a bit of a tumble, if you will, down the stairs in her home.  Jack and Sarah thought they would just be dropping into town for a few days to help in his Aunt recovered from her accident, but little did they know that shortly after their plane touched down, their lives were about to be altered forever.
In true Heather Gudenkauf fashion, this tale unravels in a creepy way that will give you goosebumps and an urge to keep turning the pages.  Missing Pieces, Gudenkauf’s latest release, is truly a murder mystery with a very modern spin.  As strange events start to occur, Sarah finds herself questioning everything she has ever known about her husband Jack and the life they have built together.  She finds herself befriended by a local and together they ask the questions that no one else has the nerve to ask.  By doing so, a truth is revealed – a truth that this small town was not ready for and it will never be the same.
In this action-packed thriller, Gudenkauf weaves a tale that only she can.  This story is thought-provoking and a page-turner to say the least.  While it is questionable as to whether this is her best novel so far, it will definitely leave the reader with goosebumps.  

Guest Review by Kate Kelly