The Brotherhood

The Brotherhood (The Tadhg Sullivan Series, book 2) - Daithi Kavanagh

This, The Brotherhood by Irish author Daithi Kavanagh, is the second in the series. I have read both and eagerly await the third one that Mr.Kavanagh is working on.

Because Detective Tadhg Sullivan has kind of a different way than other detectives in solving crimes, he has been reassigned to Clare from Dublin and has been assigned a case regarding a missing girl. He has a team that has been reassigned with him, amidst grumbling Tadhg and his team set out to find the missing girl.

They find the girl but can not figure out who took her and it takes the help of a friend of Tadhg's, ex-CIA agent Simon Horowitz and an IRA leader who has just gotten out of prison. The investigation leads them to a cultish group called The Brotherhood, a secret society that kidnaps and murders young women.

Tadhg had been living with his partner Helen Carty, a journalist, but she had a hard time with his penchant for alcohol and his bouts of depression and left. They still have a relationship, but it can't go anywhere until Tadhg realizes that he has a problem. Even though he has a drinking problem, that does not deter him from getting to the truth of The Brotherhood.

Like the previous book, The Gun, The Brotherhood moves right along and has all the elements of a great mystery, flawed people, interfering bureaucrats, and a secret society that will do anything, including murder to remain secret. But with a persistent detective on the case the bad guys will get theirs. I enjoyed the story and like I said before, look forward to the next in the series. I give this 5 stars because it is definitely worth it!
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