One to Go

One to Go - Mike Pace

Tom Booker, on his way to pick up his daughter for a visit, texting while driving, is the cause of an accident that happens, or does it? Time stands still except for him and a happy young couple. Tom thinks that he is having a daytime nightmare, has a conversation with the young couple, and agrees to their ultimatum. Let the accident happen on its course and put a lot of people at risk of death including his own daughter, or to stop this, kill four souls. He agrees, thinking that this is all in his head and goes about his day.

Tom is a drinker, due to his stress at work, as a lawyer doing an internship at a prestigious law firm, or because of his divorce and the demands of his ex-wife. Either way he is having a love affair with the bottle and when he gets a reminder that he needs to kill someone to satisfy his agreement, it is that, or someone close to him will die.

Tom is not a killer, and he has a hard time accepting this challenge, but fate seems to be working in his favor, for him anyway. As the unthinkable happens in his own family, he finally realizes that this whole proposition is not a dream. Now he is on a race to figure out how to kill the people he is required to to save his daughter. A father will do anything to protect his children, and Tom is no exception.

One to Go is definitely one of those page turner thrillers that you want to see the conclusion, but you don't want the story to end. Good against evil, will good prevail? Read this book to find out. I liked the bit of paranormal that is intertwined into the story. Very readable and enjoyable! I give it five stars for sure!