A Spycatcher Novella

Spy Trade: A Spycatcher Novella - Matthew  Dunn
Spy Trade is a Spycatcher novella and gives the reader a glimpse into the world of terrorism. spies, CIA, MI6, ISIS...everything that makes for a great spy novel, even though this book is a novella, there is enough action to keep the reader occupied until the end. 
A CIA officer is kidnapped along with his translator, the payoff? A group proclaiming to be ISIS wants one of their own, a man by the name of Arzam Saud released from prison, plus a ransom. Negotiators are tasked with finding out who this man is,why he is so important and it is a race against time to get these answers and get the victims released. 
This short story I found to be very exciting and if this is how Mr.Dunn writes, then I want more. This is the first I had read of Mr.Dunns work and I really enjoyed it, a fast and thrilling read. I will definitely have to check out more by this prolific author. You can definitely tell he knows his stuff, having been an MI6 operative. I would imagine he has a lot of great stories to tell. I love a well-crafted story that has lots of good guys, corrupt guys then this novella is for you.