Look and Find book for kids: Find the Cutes: Playtime (The first, fun seek and find book for children in the series) (Look and Find books: Find the Cutes) - Vincent Noot, Vincent Noot, Celestial Noot

I was asked to review Find the Clues by the author, I typically do not review children's books, but I decided to review this one after I read what it was about at Amazon

This book is not only a find the clues book; but it also is a seek and find and it has a story. It is a story about the Cutes. There are the mom and dad, five children, a daughter and two sets of twins. A set with two boys, 8 years old and a set with two girls, 6 years old. The oldest girl is twelve and often forgets to watch her siblings as her mother has asked her to do. That is when the fun begins. The pages that follow are where the reader has to do a search of simple items/people; there is the birthday party, swimming pool, playground, toy store, petting zoo, and supermarket. If you remember the Where's Waldo series, this is very similar. In each of the scenarios, one or more of the children go missing, and it is up to the reader to find them, along with other items. 

The middle of the book has the family having dinner and mom asks how everyone's week was and what was their favorite part. They all have their chance to tell what their favorite part of the week was. After that, there are more pages, soccer game, the fair, ballet studio, scout camp, art studio and the first day of school. The ending has the children going to bed. Nope, this is not a spoiler, but a rundown of what the reader needs to do, colorful and packed pages with all sorts of objects to find to keep the child busy for hours to come. This is a book that can be utilized with a child even as young as 5, with the help of someone, up to 18. The back of the book, of course, has answers in case you get stumped with the activities. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend Find the Cutes, by the way that is the name of the family, and think it would be a great addition to a family's bookshelf or even a library.