Eat your veggies!

True to Your Roots: Vegan Recipes to Comfort and Nourish You - Carla Kelly

What is a root vegetable you ask? It is the enlarged fleshy root of a plant used as a vegetable, e.g., a carrot, rutabaga, or beet. The focus of this book is about using and cooking with root veggies. The art of using the whole vegetable, where the recipes in the book utilize the whole plant, mostly plants that grow underground.


There is the introduction to the book gives a detailed description of Basic Botany, how to choose and store root vegetables, growing your vegetables, how to use the vegetable root to tip, about the ingredients used in the recipes and what kind of equipment needed and then a bit about allergies and the icons used in the book


The sections are as follows; recipes for breakfasts, brunches and baking, Juice recipes, starters and apples, soups, salads, sides, entrees, condiments and decadent desserts. A little something for everyone. I did find the recipe for carrot & herb sausages, I never thought that you could make sausages out of root veggies.


Going through the recipes in this book is eye opening, if you wanted to be a vegan and want a variety of foods using root vegetables, this book is for you. Easy instructions, colorful pictures and great detail make this an addition to any kitchen. If you are a vegan this book is perfect and if you are not, what a way to get you to eat those veggies!