Planters of the Crown

Planters of the Crown - Patrick Highers

Gerald Fitzgerald, the ninth earl of Ireland, is imprisoned in the Tower of London for treason. He has just been made aware that his heir, Thomas, is dead. King Henry VIII, Gerald thinks has gone mad, he believes the imposters and pretenders. They want to turn his country against the crown and lead Ireland to war. It was the Reformation; It was Ireland.

Twenty years later:
Cora is a young woman living above a pub on Newgate Street in London. She works at the pub, she is part of the place, no one pays attention to her. She is pregnant and sold into slavery. Soon she is on a ship on her way to Ireland to work as a planter. On the ship, she meets two young men Eon and Randolph, whose lives will be intertwined with hers throughout the novel.

Miquel Avaje Fernandez is a man who is devoted to the Pope, captured by the Spaniards and sent to the shipyards at Southsea Castle. He is devoted to the Pope, who is his benefactor. He was with the Pope when word came of the fall of Queen Mary and the rise of Elizabeth I. He escapes and heads to Monmouth where he seeks the remaining monks who survived to keep the flames of the Romain faith burning. He finds them and makes them his ' help him fulfill his mission.

Many other characters fill up the pages of this historical novel. Captain Roderick, the captain of the ship Cora, is on, Henry, his wife Emma and their daughter Agnes, Grace O'Malley, Irish female pirate and so many others. I love historical fiction, and I found Planters of the Crown to be well researched and tells the story of Irish freedom and how they fought the English Queen to keep their land and faith. Strong women dominate the story as they also fight for what they believe in. Victims and heroes alike tell a story that will keep you up at night. I look forward to the next in the series! Wonderful story!