Sorrow Lake

Sorrow Lake - Michael J.  McCann

"His breath visible in the early morning air, Detective Constable Kevin Walker made his was down the hill and across the farmer's field toward the body. There was a crust on the snow from freezing rai that had fallen tow days ago, and hos books punched crisp holes as he followed the footprints of the old man who'd spotted something in the middle of his field just after dawn and had come down to investigate." Thus starts Sorrow Lake by Michael McCann. Sorrow Lake has a reputation, there have been other deaths on this lake. In the sixties, there was a boating accident that killed a man and some kids. There was a murder-suicide where a man killed his wife, his five children and himself. Looters killed a couple, a man and wife. Thus giving the lake it's name, Sorrow Lake. An elderly man sees something out of his kitchen window and goes to investigate and sees a body lying in his field. The man is William (Bill) Hansen, and he was shot execution-style. Detective Inspector Ellie March of the Ontario Provincial Police has been called to help wih the investigation in the man's death. Ellie has a complicated life, her children won't speak to her because she has always been involved in her work, so the children live with their father. We learn a bit about Ellie, but it is her skills as an investigator and not her private life that is important to the book. We do learn a little about her private life, and I feel that as the series goes along the reader will learn more about Ellie. Young and talented Detective Constable Kevin Walker feels that working with Ellie March is an honor as she does have a reputation as being an exceptional investigator. He is inexperienced but makes up for his lack of experience with his enthusiasm.  I like his character; he is a likeable and honest cop. He is a bit naive, though, in that he shares and seeks answers from his mentor, Chuck Waddell, who was in the position that Kevin now holds, retired and now running a security firm. Can Chuck be trusted? There are also a lot of other characters that play pivotal roles in the investigation. Some that will surprise you. Just who was Bill Hansen, what was he involved in and why was he murdered. Clues abound, and investigators are stymied trying to put these clues together as with each suspect is interviewed, they end up at a standstill in the investigation. It takes another detective to start putting the clues together, except he is hoping to advance his career if he is successful with his investigation. I have read a few other books in Mr.McCann's Donaghue and Stainer Crime series and thoroughly enjoyed them. I think this new series, March and Walker Crime series is off to a great start in this first book. Well written, understandable and suspenseful. You can't go wrong reading this and Mr.McCann's other novels. - See more at: