City of Ladies

City of Ladies (The Cross and the Crown Series) - Sarah Kennedy

The City of Ladies, second book in The Cross and the Crown series, continues the story of Catherine Havens Overton, a former nun, as the wife of William Overton and now has two children, Robert and baby Veronica. A former nuns and friends of Catherine's turn up murdered or missing, in order to protect her William insists that she become part of Henry VIII's children, Mary and Elizabeth's household.  Catherine takes over her duties but is forced to return to Overton House when William becomes ill, plus she is insistent on finding out about the missing women. With William so ill, he starts thinking that Robert is not his son and there are some in town that would call Catherine a witch because of her abilities to heal people with her potions and herbal recipes. Williams sister Margaret is a nasty woman and I really didn't like her at all...always accusing Catherine of one wrongdoing or another. The story takes many twists and turns which makes it a wonderful read. This novel seamlessly carries on the story started in The Altarpiece, suspenseful and a page turner. The author is knowledgeable in the Tudor history and you can tell by the continuity from the first book to this one. There are characters that you have to either love or hate. I found Catherine to be a very strong woman who is ahead of her times on where a woman's place is. I thoroughly enjoyed this second novel and eagerly look forward to reading The King's Sisters, the third book in the trilogy.  - See more at: