Crossing Into The Mystic

Crossing Into The Mystic - D.L. Koontz

Crossing Into the Mystic is a story of a 16 year old orphan, Grace who lives with her aunt and is unhappy living there. When she is willed an old mansion, Crossings, from her stepfather she leaps at the chance for independence and to find out why she is now the owner of this neglected home. Upon getting to the house, she finds that the mansion is eerily intact, with furnishings and other items straight out of the Civil War era, including a ghost of a war veteran who died at a young age in the home. There is unfinished business on his part and he enlists Grace's help so he can cross over. He was murdered and he needs closure as to why so he can move on. Grace meets a lot of locals, including Clay who she can give her heart to but is reluctant because she is also attracted to the ghost Will. 


The story is well written and full of Civil War stories, a bit of romance, and mystery. See, Grace finds out that she can 'see' the ghosts wandering that have not been able to cross over because of unfinished business. How awesome to be able to see ghosts of days past, but creepy at the same time. I especially found the scenes at the cemetery gave me goosebumps. Grace soon learns how to interact or ignore these entities so that she can learn what happened to Will and find out she does.


This is part of a trilogy, the next book being Edging Through the Darkness, in which Grace discovers more secrets of her ancestral home. Crossing Into the Mystic was an easy book to get into, fast paced and I found the characters well thought out and this trilogy can be read by the adult and YA audience. A clean read but it does have romantic elements to it. I enjoyed this story and look forward to reading the next in the trilogy.