You Will Never Find Me

You Will Never Find Me - Robert Charles Wilson

"You will never find me"... is what is on the note that Detective Inspector Mercy Danquah finds from her daughter Amy Boxer. Mercy and Amy's father Charles Boxer are divorced but share custody of Amy. Mercy is a police officer specializing in kidnappings and Charles, also works as a kidnap specialist in the private sector. Amy has erased almost everything, her computer, she gets rid of her phone and also gets rid of a lot of her belongings. You wonder how she was able to do this without being detected? Well her parents are always working so it is a pretty easy task for Amy. She travels to Madrid and that is all we hear from Amy. She is gone, just gone and when a body of a young girl is found in Madrid, Mercy and Charles biggest fear comes true, or does it? The reader experiences the grief that these two people suffer through while the investigation continues on the dead girl whose body parts turn up in different parts of the river. 

Charles travels to Madrid and uses the skills he has to trace Amy's path so he can find out what happened to her. Mercy on the other hand decides to let Charles handle that aspect of the search and she in the meantime takes on a case of a missing Russian boy, Sasha whose father is a former FSB operative investigating the poisoning of a former comrade. 

This is a story that is filled with lots of suspenseful twists and turns. There are numerous other characters, including Madrid drug dealer El Osito and his cohorts, very bad people. The story can be slow at times but it is still a page turner and all the angles come together in the end. This is the first of the Charles Boxer novels I have read but You Will Never find Me can be read as a stand alone book. I was able to figure out who was who without having read any previous books. A definite thriller, filled with a lot of action and scary events by extremely dangerous individuals. If you love a good mystery thriller, give this book a try! I don't think you will be disappointed!