Days of Future Past

Days Of Future Past - Sally Smith O'Rourke

Do you believe in reincarnation, or past lives? I know I do, why not? I am sure there are lots of skeptics that will say that such a thing is not possible at all. Maybe, maybe not. Days of Future Past is a story of past lives and how a man who keeps having dreams or rather blackouts and can't understand what is happening to him and why. Ted McConaughy, a trauma specialist has had recurring dreams since he was little but they usually only surfaced when there was a traumatic event that occured in his life. Ted had been engaged to Ann Hart, a family therapist twenty years ago but the wedding was called off by Ann, she thought he was cheating in her. She left him and went on to have her own life, getting married. She has been grieving for about 6 years though as her husband's plane , a pilot, goes missing on a routine flight and he was never found. Ann has a hard time letting go, she thinks that he will turn up one day. Ted had also moved on, he also married and has a daughter, Sarah Jane.

California experiences a 6.8 earthquake and this event brings Ann and Ted back together. Ann still wants nothing to do with him, still experiencing the pain of his betrayal. This event has started Ted's dreams again and he seeks Ann's help in trying to figure out what is going on. It appears that he not only is reliving a past event but it is of two separate men in different times. As Ann and Ted do hypnosis and travel into Ted's dreams, she and Ted start to have feelings once again for each other. Ann has met Sarah Jane and is captivated by the young lady.  Can Ann ever forgive Ted for a past transgression or will she hold a grudge forever? Will Ted ever be able to tell Ann that he has always loved her? Well if I told you the answers to these questions I would give away the story.

I really liked this novel, a story about love past, present and future, romance and forgiveness. With a bit of mystery thrown in to keep the reader turning the pages. I highly recommend this book if you want a great engaging book!!

Ms. O'Rourke is the author of The Man Who, Loved Jane Austen, Yours Affectionally, Jane Austen, The Maidenstone Lighthouse and Christmas at Sea Pines Cottage.