Dumped: Stories of Women Unfriending Women

Dumped: Stories of Women Unfriending Women - Nina Gaby, Carol Cassara

I have never been dumped by a female friend as I really don't have any, I have been dumped by female family members for sure. Close female family, not because they moved away as children do but by a mother and sometimes it feels that my siblings have done that. Everyone has lives and these lives may create distances from them.

With that said, Dumped, is a book with stories from celebrated women authors who have experienced what it is like to be "dumped" by a female friend, whether by a note, an email or a face to face confrontation. Laced with humor and heartbreak, these are stories that all women should read. The stories are eye opening in that they tell the reader about lost friendships, betrayals and how these women overcame the loss of these relationships that are gone. I think as we get older we look back and think about how these kind of relationships that we no longer have as a very important part of our lives and how we even lived our lives after that point.

After reading this book of essays by women it may a lesson learned on how to treat our female friends and maybe rethink the reason why we may dump a close friend, giving us in insight on how we would also want to be treated. People always move on for many different reasons but a healthy relationship with another woman is a remarkable thing. This is an important book and I will be sharing this book for sure.