THe Gun

The Gun (The Tadhg Sullivan Series, book 1) - Daithi Kavanagh

The Gun is a story of many characters, but the main one is the shooter. He has a disabled wife whom he loves dearly and children that have moved away from home. Sounds like most families, right? Well not necessarily, the shooter is a disgruntled man who is disgusted with the local and country politics of Ireland. He blames the government for his children migrating to Ireland because there is no work. It is after the Celtic Tiger and times are tough for people in Ireland. He feels that the politicians are lining their own pockets while the people in the country are struggling. He decides to do something about it and starts shooting and killing these same politicians.

Garda Detective Tadhg (pronounced (Tige) Sullivan is one of those hard boiled detectives who has lived hard. He gets together with a journalist and together they try to figure out who the shooter is , the police call him the Deerhunter. It is not the ideal match as he really should not be sharing info with a journalist, but he just can not help himself, because he is falling in love with her. These are not the only three characters in the story, there is Tadhg's partner, their commanding officer, a man by the name of Tommy, who the CIA think is the shooter, and of course the two CIA operatives.

I did enjoy this story, a really good plot that could have come from The Irish Times, the pace was good, the characters well written. The only issue I had was the formatting for the Kindle. The chapters kind of ran into each other and there were times that it took a bit to figure out which character was narrating the story. I didn't find this a big problem though as reading files on a Kindle can be that way. I would recommend this book to the reader who enjoys a good suspenseful story, plus it is set in Ireland, in my book that is a plus!