Stashes - PJ Colando

Oh gosh what a fun book. I did have to read it in bits and starts, not because I did not like it, but because I had other committments to get through. I did finally finish it and thought it was one of the most humerous books I had read in some time.

A typical midwestern couple, with a son and daughter in law. The couple, Steve and Jackie, he a dairy farmer and she works at a school. Jackie decides to retire and they buy a RV and the fun begins. They goal is to travel the country and let their son take over the business. Their daughter in law, Amy, who works in a bank, comes up with a brilliant idea to sell "pot' cookies along with the bottled milk that the dairy delivers. Now mind you Jackie is all for this, has imbibed a bit in the wacky tabacy a bit herself. Well she is is of the baby boomer generation!! She agrees with Amy and they set up one of the barns as a place to grow the stuff and Jackie and Steve head off on their adventure.

Sadly while on the road they find out that the nest egg they though they had is gone, thanks to Amy's dabbling into the account. Amy has made some financial errors in Steve and Jackies accounts and it causes some big issues. She tells this to Jackie over the phone and the Breeden's are forced to come back home with limited funds.

Told in alternating viewpoints with a lot of humor thrown into the mix. Jackie and Steve are a great couple, the son needs a kick in the pants and the daughter in law is just not my favorite character but they say things happen for a reason and that is the premise of the whole story. I could relate a lot to the Breeden's as we are of an age. This is a lighthearted and funny story. I got the giggles when explaining the book to hubby. I really enjoyed it and look forward to the next one in the series, Hashes and Bashes.