Wonderful BOok!

Lighten Up, Y'all: Classic Southern Recipes Made Healthy and Wholesome - Virginia Willis

There are so many places and cookbooks in the world today. The internet has opened up so many doors to cooking. You can find recipes from every culture and ethnicity. I have been a collector of cookbooks for quite a few years now, had to stop because I ran out of room, and I am always looking for new recipes, constantly, on a daily basis. I had the opportunity to review Lighten up Ya'll from Blogging for Books. When my favorite UPS man arrived with the book, I was eager to get started with it.

Lighten Up, Ya'll is not only a cookbook, but a way to enjoy food but doing so in a healthy manner. "Not a diet book but a way of life" and as I was perusing the book I found that the recipes were very easy to follow and from the pictures look so delicious. There are recipes for vegetables, appetizers, meats, soups, baked goods and sweets. So many awesome recipes I won't know where to begin. Good thing I have a hubby who loves when I experiment with new recipes. The author shares what to have for a well equiped kitchen, she talks about good fats and bad fats, and there are a couple pages that is called Ten Tips for Lightening Up. These ten tips include, drink lots of water, don't deny yourself when you are hungry, choosing lean proteins and even a tip that you should eat your veggies first and they should occupy the largest part of your plate.

I have recently lost 60 lbs and I think that the recipes in this book will help me to lose more or maintain. I love fruits and veggies, all kinds. When I thought about Southern cooking, I imagined all the deep fried fattening, of course delicious, foods and kind of shied away from those kind of recipes. The author is definitely an expert in cooking so I think that Lighten Up Ya'll will be my new favorite cookbook to go to when I don't know what to make. Besides that the pictures are gorgeous!!