The Acheron Deception

The Acheron Deception - Patrick F. Rooney

Every so often I love to read a good spy kind of novel. A good novel has to have characters that you can relate to, a story that is believable and the writing shows that research was extensively done. I found all of that and more in The Acheron Deception. Someone is manipulatting the stock markets and due to circumstances beyond control, Sean McGowan, a software engineer who works at a securities company is recruited by the CIA to aid in the investigation to find the terrorists who are planning on a cyber attack on the stock market. 


There are a lot of characters in this story, but it is easy enough to follow along as to who is who and who is doing what to whom. A fast paced, page turning juicy novel that will thrill fans of Robert Ludlum or Tom Clancy. Very enjoyable! I loved it for the fast paced suspense that just kept on going until the end. I see a sequel in the making! I highly recommend this book.