A Ghostly Undertaking

A Ghostly Undertaking - Tonya Kappes

What a fun book this was!  Emma Lee Raines can see dead people, but only people who have been murdered, like the town gossip Ruthie Sue Payne. Ruthie appears to Emma Lee after she gets hit in the head. She is fine, except that she keeps seeing Ruthie everywhere she goes and when Ruthie tries to convince her she was pushed down the stairs and did not fall, Emma Lee has a hard time believing this. After a lot of convincing, she finally agrees to see what she can find out. Her investigation points the blame on her own grandmother, which she is having a hard time believing. WIth the help of Sheriff Jack Henry Ross, she unveils what happened to Ruthie Sue.

I loved this heroine, fiesty and funny, I found her character to be very likable. I read the book in a short amount of time and had more than a few giggles as the story went on. Ruthie Sue is a hoot!! Will she be able to cross over to the other side? I am not going to tell you that! You will just have to read this book for your self. A perfect balance of mystery, suspense and humor that keeps the reader turning the pages.I look forward to reading the next in the series, A Ghostly Grave.