Nantucket Five Spot

Nantucket Five-spot: A Henry Kennis Mystery (Henry Kennis Mysteries) - Steven Axelrod

Nantucket Five Spot is the second in a series of books by Steven Axelrod and is about a mystery surrounding Nantucket during tourist season. Henry Kennis is Police Chief of this small community who must solve the 'terrorist bombing'. There are people being framed for this crime and it is up to Henry to figure out what has happened. The only thing is, The Department of Homeland Security gets involved and Henry is stymied in his investigation by a gung ho agent. Along with solving the crime, Henry hopes to rekindle a romance between him and Franny Tate, another agent in the DHS. I found it interesting that the title refers to the $50 bills that the rich tourists love leaving for the 'help'. 

In this character driven and atmospheric setting, the author does a great job of keeping the narrative and plot flowing. I love a good mystery, especially one that keeps me turning the pages, so I recommend this book! I look forward to reading the next in the series!