Pardon the Ravens

Pardon the Ravens - Alan Hruska
Pardon the Ravens is a legal thriller with young lawyer, Alec Brno working on a fraud case that could make his career. He meets Carrie Maddigan, wife of Phil Anwar who is a mob boss of Manhattan, Brooklyn and Long Island. Carrie is a battered woman, by her husband, with a young daughter who is in the custody of her father. Carrie has a drug problem, perpetuated by her husband, but he is trying to get clean and stay clean so she can get her daughter back and when she meets Alec there is an immediate attraction. As Alec gets more involved with Carrie he finds that their lives are not safe from the sadistic husband. They say, you can run but you can't hide as this young couple finds out.
The case that Alec is working on involves the clients of Kendall, Blake, the law firm that Alec works for, and they are the owners of a corporation that has lost great sums of money and are involved in a class-action suit that could be detrimental to business. A storage facility with tankers that should be loaded with oil are full of water instead. This case and the mob are intertwined and nothing is as it seems. This is a legal thriller at it's best. The writing style pulled me in and had me eagerly turning the pages. This is definitely a story about good guys and bad guys with an element of romance that should please the reader. I loved it!