The brother's Keepers

The Brothers' Keepers - NLB Horton

"Grace Madison, PhD.
Four A.M.
The ringing phone interrupted my first good night's sleep in two weeks. My heart raced, and the Sixth Commandment echoed through my groggy brain.

I am archaeologist Grace Madison and I do not typically kill people.

The shot shattered the window inches from her head" ..chapter one, page 1.

Thus starts the second book in the Parched series The Brother's Keepers by NLB Horton, the first being When Camel's Fly. Grace's daughter Maggie once again finds herself abducted and Grace, Grace's husband Mark, their son Jeff and his wife Becca set off to rescue her. What ensues is a harrowing adventure, with a lot of different characters and government agencies, the Mossad, MOSES, the CIA, and the FBI. Once Maggie is found the excitement is not over, the group find themselves searching for proof that there is an underground water system that once fueled the biblical King Solomon's  mines. They are not the only ones searching for the proof though. There is danger aplenty along the way and the story takes all of them different locations, Venice, Rome, Germany and Switzerland, on a race to find the information they seek.

This story is full of suspense, mystery, great family dynamics and enough bullets flying around to keep the reader on the edge of their seats. I do have to say that I found this second book in the series to be better than the first, When Camel's Fly. Not sure why but I think the story got more involved and more exciting. I loved the chemistry between Grace and her daughter Maggie, you could tell that they loved each other immensely and would lay down their lives for each other, not that Mark and Jeff wouldn't, but I think I could feel the same thing I feel for my children. You will do what you can to protect them, just like a mother bear and her cubs.

I think this book was fast paced, very descriptive and had believable characters with a lot of biblical and historical references. The author does know her middle eastern history and it shows in the skillful writing of this book.I look forward to reading the third book in the series and want to see what other escapades the Madison family can up to.