Fear the Darkness By Becky Masterman!

Untitled Brigid Quinn Novel #2: A Thriller - Becky Masterman

I love a good thriller and Fear the Darkness is one of the better ones I have read in awhile. Brigid Quinn is retired FBI and now she teaches self defense at a woman's shelter. Married to an ex-priest they have a happy life in Tucson Arizona. Brigid's sister in law dies from a long illness, requesting that her daughter Gemma-Kate come live with them until she starts college.


Brigid is asked by a family to investigate the death of their son, he drowned in their pool and the mother does not believe it was suicide. Things start getting strange with Gemma-Kate, Brigid's dog is poisoned and the investigation starts taking a turn for the worse. To maintain her sanity, she spends a lot of time with a long time friend Mallory. People at a church gathering start feeling ill and Brigid also starts feeling ill, hallucinations and weakness. She starts suspecting Gemma-Kate of poisoning her. Brigid's quiet life is not as tranquil as it had been, before Gemma-Kate. Is someone trying to kill her? and why? Are things happening because of her investigation? 


Fear the Darkness is the followup to Rage Against Dying, which I need to read, I always seem to read books in the wrong order but it did not take away from the story at all. The author tells a terrific story and I loved the main character Brigid, a strong woman, I never expected the ending, totally surprised me. I totally enjoyed this story and highly recommend it.