Rhythm of My Heart by Kemberlee Shortland

Rhythm of My Heart: 1 (Irish Pride Series) - Kemberlee Shortland

I am third generation Irish and love anything related to this beautiful country and its culture. That being said, I love Ms. Shortland's stories, this is the second in the Irish Pride series that I have read, didn't matter that I read them out of order either as they each feature different characters. 


Rhythm of My Heart features Eilis Kennedy, a musician promoter and Kieran Vaughn a musician. Eilis discovers Kieran and the attraction is instantaneous, sparks flying all over the place. Eilis finds that Kieran is extremely talented and she wants to promote him. Kieran is playing gigs at seedy pubs in Dublin, feels that he will never get anywhere in his career. Eilis enters his life and things will never be the same. 


Fergus Manley, Eilis's boss is a lecherous man who Eilis evades at all costs, but with the attraction between Eilis and Kieran, Fergus's lust for Eilis gets the better of him to the point that he becomes very dangerous. As Kieran accepts Eilis's offer to help him get his music noticed they give in to their attraction to each other, but danger lurks for the lovers that could destroy them. 


Kemberlee Shortland tells an exciting story, full of descriptions of Dublin and it's music, almost had me feeling that I could hear the sounds and smells of the pubs. This sexy romantic story will have you wanting more. I look forward to reading the another one of her books.