Red Light

Red Light - Graham Masterton

Graham Masterton is a master at crime and horror. This is the first book I have read of his that is a crime novel, I have read a few of his other works and really enjoyed them. I was drawn to the book because not only is it a crime novel that I love, but it takes place in Ireland, which I am obsessed with. 


A man is found dead with his face horribly mutilated and missing his hands. DS Katie Maguire, of the Irish Garda is tasked with solving this crime. Identifying the man proves difficult but once she finds that the dead man was a pimp who exploited women and young girls in the sex slave market, she is more determined to find the traffickers. More men are getting killed by the Avenging Angel, as she calls herself. We are not supposed to cheer for the serial killer in novels, but after I found out why this young woman was killing pimps, I was actually hoping that she would get away with it. Revenge is a kind of wild justice they say but there are always consequences. This is also a sad story of the sex trade, how these girls and women are lied to and then made to believe that what they are doing is the only way for them to live.


This story is pretty graphic so if vivid descriptions are bothersome to you, well this may not be the type of story for you. I however loved every page of the book. This is a stand alone novel, but the third in the series. Great writing and believable characters make for a book that you don't want to miss.