Die I Will Not

Die I Will Not: A Regency Mystery - S.K. Rizzolo

Die I Will Not is a Regency era mystery. A newspaper editor is murdered and this story, main protagonist, Penelope Wolfe fears that it may very well be her father who was murdered the man because of his works writing as Collatinus. She works once more with lawyer Edward Buckler and John Chase to try to figure out who may be the killer as she wants to clear her father's good name.


Penelope is a new mother and sometimes finds her stay at home status to be a bit boring, she loves the excitement that solving this case has for her. She has a husband who feels that she should stay at home, as most men would in this era, but she is determined to find excitement. As they get further into solving this crime, the more dangerous it becomes.


This is the third in a series, The Rose in the Wheel and Blood for Blood. I have only read Die I Will Not, I do intend to rectify that and read the other two. This book is full of mystery, intrigue and very descriptive. I always enjoy a mystery and I was not disappointed in this book. I loved the author's style of writing and the fast pace of the novel. I look forward to reading the first two books in the series.