Plagues of Eden

Plagues of Eden - Sharon Linnea, B.K. Sherer

Plagues of Eden is one of those books that you absolutely have to read to the end. A strong cast of characters, a that is exciting and suspenseful plus corrupt and destructive group of people who are out to destroy civilization as we know it.


I found this book to be very suspenseful and a real page turner. This book is the fourth in the Eden series, even though this was the first I have read in this series, the authors writing and recapping the storyline of Army Chaplain Jaime Richards was enough for me to understand the story. Can Jaime and her rock star friend Mark Shepard find the evil people in time to stop them from leashing the ancient plagues on mankind? Read the book to find out! You will not be disappointed if you love an action packed story with a bit of romance thrown in.