The First Mrs.Rochester and Her Husband

The First Mrs. Rochester and Her Husband - M.C. Smith

I have never read Jane Eyre but I have watched numerous movies based on the book. I knew the concept of what happened to Jane Eyre and how she ended up with Mr.Rochester. What I found interesting though is about Bertha, the first wife. I felt bad for her that everyone thought she was mad and I did not like how she was treated by her husband. Can you imagine being locked in a room for years? I would imagine that that would make a person mad. I was hoping, in the story, that she would have some gumption and fight back. I think that is she were to be in the here and now she would probably be diagnosed with bipolar.

The story was written in alternating chapters between Bertha and Edward. I really didn't like Edwards character at first but by the end of the story I felt that whatever bad he had done, he made up for it in his changes in his personality and deeds. After the tragedy, he became a humbled man and started feeling for those around him, those who stayed faithful to him. 

I will not go into detail about the story but I think if you are a person who likes the classics, and Jane Eyre in particular, then you should read this book. A look into the people that were briefly touched upon in the original story.