A Day of Fire: a novel of Pompeii - Sophie Perinot, Stephanie Dray, Kate Quinn, Vicky Alvear Shecter, Ben Kane, Damon Knight
A Day of Fire: A Novel of Pompeii is the story of the destruction of Pompeii. We have all learned about Pompeii in the history books but as far as I know, there has not been a lot of historical fiction written about Pompeii. This novel is a collaboration of six fantastic authors who tell a believable tale of the people caught in this devastating eruption of Mt.Vesuvius. Each chapter is written by a different author and each chapter has different characters but all weave the characters together seamlessly.If I didn't know better I would have thought that this book was written by one author. That is how perfect the stories blended. This is not a happily ever after tale either, some people were able to escape the ashes and fire and some didn't. 
I have read most of the authors works and have loved them all. Each author has their own area of expertise when it comes to their style of writing. I have always found Roman history a fun time, when I was in high school I read all the comedies and tragedies that I could get my hands on. This novel did not disappoint me at all, I thoroughly enjoyed it and I would recommend it to anyone who loves a well written historical fiction story.
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