Pigeon River Blues

Pigeon River Blues: A Sam Jenkins Mystery (Sam Jenkins Mysteries) - Wayne Zurl
Pigeon River Blues is a continuation of the Sam Jenkins Mystery books. I have read the previous ones and liked this one as much as the other ones. Sam Jenkins is police chief in a small town in Tennessee. He moved with his wife and dog from New York City, where he was a  detective, hoping for a life with less stress. Thinking that small town living and working has its perks as far as less crime proves to be wrong. Criminals will pop up anywhere I guess and Pigeon River is no exception.
Sam is asked to be a body guard to a young country singer who is back to her hometown to perform in a concert at Dollywood. Sam is not real happy with this assignment as C.J.Profitt is not his idea of what he wants to do on his job. It appears that C.J. has received some threats from a radical hate group, The Coalition for American Family Values. It appears that this group, consisting of a mother, her son and few other undesirable characters, hate gay people. They have sent C.J the threatening letters because she is a lesbian. They don't think that she should be allowed in town because of her "corrupt' morals.
Sam and his crew find themselves a bit deeper involved than just protecting this young artist. There is a murder attempt and threats of bombs being set, Sam has an ex detective friend, John Gallagher, that he worked with in New York that he has hired. Well John seems to have a language all his own and he totally messes up some words, I found this to be very funny, I was giggling whenever he said something and the responses of the people around him were equally funny. This is a story that has twists and turns in the plot that had me turning the pages late into the night. I love a good mystery that has great characters but also has a bit of humor. As with his previous books I enjoyed this one immensely. Keep them coming Mr.Zurl!!
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