Meet Me In Barcelona

Meet Me in Barcelona - Mary Carter
They say that you can run but you can't hide. Secrets do surface when you least expect it. That is what is happening to Grace Sawyer. Her boyfriend, Jake, of five years, supposedly "wins" a trip to Barcelona. Seem kind of mysterious as to why this would happen. Grace is reluctant to go at first, thinking that this is very strange. She agrees to go so along with Jake, when they get to their hotel find mysterious clues as to what they should do. Grace finally realizes that is is her foster sister Carrie Ann who sent them on this trip. Why?? Well that is the mystery of the story.
As we read further into the story we find out more about their relationship and what the big secret is and if it comes out, could cause problems. I love Mary Carter's books and this one was no exception. When I read her books I always get engrossed in the story from start to finish. The descriptions of what ever country her books take place in, Ireland, Italy or Spain, you may as well be there as the writing is so descriptive. Each of Mary Carter's are stand alone books but I think starting with Pub Across the Pond and then to Three Months in Florence and then Meet Me in Barcelona will give you a great idea on the kind of writing and stories this author creates. Another wonderful book!