Abby's Journey - Steena Holmes
Abby's Journey, the sequel to Saving Abby, chronicles the story of the sacred child that Claire was determined to save, at the greatest cost of all.  Abby, born prematurely, suffers from a lung condition that stops her from living a "normal life".  Instead, under constant protection from her father, she's often either sick in the hospital, or being watched over by the anxiety-riddled father that once lost the love of his life and refuses to lose his daughter, too.  
This story, told from multiple points of view, carries on Claire's legacy and allows the reader to see inside the mind of each character.  Through letters written by Claire to her family, the reader is allowed, even further, into the mind and emotions of each of the characters.  
Though the stories each have a different tone, they are both filled with adventure.  While we get to see Europe through Claire's sad and grieving eyes in the first novel, we get to see it again through the naive and adventurous eyes of Abby as a young adult.  
So, as it was Claire's wish to be a mother, it is Abby's wish to know her mother.  And there is no love like that of a mother and daughter. Charming and romantic, heartbreaking and exciting, these stories are compelling and exceptionally written.