Another great story in this series!

Corporate Citizen - Gabriel Valjan The smart and savvy forensic accountant, Bianca, is back with her and her Italian and American friends. They are investigating the murder of a call girl and one of the group, a Boston detective is implicated in her murder. The group must work together again to find out who the murderer is. Bianca is on a break from Dante, his choice, after Bianca loses the baby. She does find an ally in Nick, a young man she meets as he had been questioned about the murder of the girl, but there is a mystery to him also. He is a war vet who can't remember his tours overseas. It appears that he has PTSD big time. Something happened to him while fighting and he is reluctant to talk to Bianca about it. Bianca, Gennaro, Silvio and Allesando must race against the clock as there are more murders, plus the criminal element makes this task difficult. Loki is back as is a new character called the Magician and there is Rendition. Where do all these characters fit in relationship to each other and the murders? Well that is explained in the book!! I think each book is unique in it's own way and the author's research is impeccable, I have to say that I enjoyed this book, maybe even a little more than the previous ones. I think Bianca is becoming more human with real feelings. This is the fifth book in the series! If you love a series that takes the reader along for a wild ride, then this is it for you! This review is voluntary!