Another Mystery

Cable Car Mystery (Sam Slater Mysterys Series Book 6) - Greg Messel

This book is the continuation of the Sam and Amelia Slater Mystery series. Sam is doing some errands and decided to take a cable car when a young woman has fallen or was she pushed. That is the mystery that Sam and Amelia have to figure out. Why would someone want to harm this young lady? Then the young lady goes missing.


The incident is captured and put in the newspaper and they launch a campaign to find the missing woman. Amelia is worried about her neighbor, an elderly gentleman who suddenly disappears and his house is occupied by some unsavory characters. So between these two mysteries, Sam and Amelia are very busy and of course Amelia gets herself caught up in the whole thing and puts herself in danger once again. 


Reading one of Mr.Messel's stories is always a pleasure. He writes a very well researched story about San Francisco, even includes pictures in the books of historic landmarks or other areas of importance. I like that about the books. He tells a story that takes place without computers or cell phones which is refreshing. These two PI's use their own skills to solve the murders they come across in their business. They do have the help of a police detective but no other means then their own ways of getting to the truth.


I have said this before, but this series justs gets better and better. Each book better than the one before. Always a pleasure to read.