A Mystery With Flair!

A Flair for Chardonnay - Deborah Garner
A Flair for Chardonnay is the first book in a series that features Sadie Kramer and her sidekick, Coco, a little dog, a Yorkie, who she carries in a little tote bag and is a faithful companion and a very well-behaved one at that. Sadie owns a boutique in San Francisco, right next door to Mateo who is a chocolatier. Sadie does love her chocolates and is not ashamed to admit it. She also has a flair for putting together outfits for her customers of her shop Flair, named for her love of style and adventure. 
Mateo and his family own Tremiato Winery in St. Vincent’s Hollow. Even though Mateo is part owner of the winery, his passion is chocolates so he has no part in the daily running of the winery which is a bone of contention to his siblings. They feel he should be assisting in the business. Sadie is concerned about her neighbor after hearing him on the phone arguing with someone so she decides to visit the winery. Her mission is twofold, to find out what may be bothering Mateo and a mini vacation, so she leaves the running of her shop to her trusted employee and off she goes.
At the winery she meets the family, they do not know at this point that she is a friend of Mateo's. While she is there though there is a murder on the premises and that is where the mystery begins. The family had been negotiating to sell the winery but Mateo doesn't want to sell so when a dead body turns up, everyone in the family is suspect.
With Sadie's skill for detective work, she is determined to find out what happened and why? This is when the story gets interesting, even though Sadie is not a detective, just a concerned and nosy friend, she is able to put the clues together and figure out who the killer is. 
This is a fun cozy mystery, filled with character and "flair". Written very well with interesting characters and a back story of a seemingly dysfunctional family. Who was the murdered person and why was he killed at the winery and what was his connection to the Tremiato family? Well for these answers you need to read the book! I look forward to reading the next installment in the Sadie Kramer Flair Mystery series.