A Noir Mystery

Desert City Diva: A noir P.I. mystery set in California (A Rolly Waters Mystery) - Corey Lynn Fayman

Rolly Waters is a musician, guitar player who is not real successful at it, plays at different gigs but nothing steady. That is why he is a detective. The story starts off with Rolly regretting having Mexican food at 2:30 in the morning. The Mexican food wasn't the issue it was the spider bite on his ankle. Rolly wakes up in the hospital after having been bit by the spider, not quite sure how that happened and how he ended up in the hospital ER.

While he is at the Mexican restaurant, The Villa Cantina, he meets Macy Starr introduced by the waitress, Macy needs help. Macy is a dance club DJ, 20 years younger than Rolly. She has with her a one string guitar called a Diddly Bow.  The Diddley Bow is a single stringed American instrument which influenced the blues sound. Attached to the back of this diddley bow is an old photograph picturing a man and woman. Macy thinks the woman in the picture is her Aunt Betty. She wants Rolly to help her find out if this is true or not. The book takes off from there, with a kind of story that you would think was hard to believe, it involves the reservation and a cult of people who either committed suicide or were killed. 

What a fun book, quirky, odd with a cast of characters like you would find in a Raymond Chandler or Elmore Leonard story. An unbelievable story line is written in such a way that while reading you start to believe what is written and it ends in a surprising way. Funny at times but also suspenseful.This book was fast paced, a bit slow for me at first but it did take off and I read it in only a few sittings.