Atilla the Hun

On the Edge of Sunrise: Book One of the Long Hair Saga - Cynthia Ripley Miller
What can you say about Atilla the Hun? Well, he was one nasty dude, but not any more so than the Roman Empire. Both were hungry for control. In On the Edge of Sunrise, we read about two people caught in the crossfire of this power struggle. 
Arria is a young widow, who is forced into a marriage to Tribune Drusus, who she despises. She loves another, a forbidden love. Garic is a Frank Warrior, a Long Hair, who Arria falls in love with. She is requested by a Roman commander Aetius to deliver a message to Attila the Hun asking for his support. She is the daughter of a Roman senator and is very knowledgeable in politics but she becomes a hostage.
The love they share is fraught with danger as there are many enemies of both the lovers. An Egyptian slave who is determined to see that Garic and Arria are killed, an ambitious Tribune who looks for power are among the enemies that Garic and Arria have. During this time when the Roman Empire is on the edge of collapse and Aetius's power grows Garic and Arria must do whatever it takes to protect their love and to see that they and their friends and family are safe from political intrigue and death. 
Years ago I was fascinated with stories of Rome during this timeframe, just the civilization and its culture that has a lot of influence in our own society today. This novel takes the reader into a time that was dangerous with political intrigue and danger from outside invaders such as Attila the Hun. The author's research brings to life a long distant time, the story is exciting from the beginning, on the battlefield where Arria finds her husband dying to the ending that could lead to another novel. At least, I hope so because it would be fun to see more of the characters and how their lives progressed.
I really liked this novel and give it 5 stars!