Great Fast Paced Novel

Passenger 19: A Jammer Davis Thriller (Jammer Davis Thrillers) - Ward Larsen
Ever read one of those books that grabs you from the first sentence? Well this one definitely did it for me. This is the third in the Jammer Davis stories and can be read as a stand alone. The premise? A plane crash in the middle of Columbia, Jammer's daughter was on that plane, as Jammer is an airline crash investigator, he is on the scene looking for his daughter and also what happened to the plane and why it crashed. His daughter is not among the victims and either is another girl that was a passenger.
Enter the corrupt government and political pawns and you have the makings of a great novel. I do love a good suspense story and this book is definitely that. Jammer will stop at nothing, and I mean nothing to find out what happened to his daughter and where she is. Multiple attempts on his life make him wonder just what has he gotten himself into. 
Not only is this a page turner, you can definitely tell that the author knows his stuff, as a trained aircraft accident investigator himself, he incorporates what he knows into the story and it definitely works. I really enjoyed this fly by the seat of your pants novel and if you love a good thriller, you will like this one too!! I give it five stars, I loved it that much! Going to have hubby read this one also.
I received this book for review for my honest thoughts.