Lake of Fire (An Allison Coil Mystery) - Mark Stevens

Lake of Fire is a well-written mystery thriller that takes place in Colorado, starts with a forest fire that Alison Coil is stuck in and has to find her way out, just her and her horse, but the fire continues to rage and it is headed to her boyfriend family's ranch. While they all race to protect the ranch, Alison finds out that a friend of hers body was found in the fire. It is quickly determined that he was murdered. Now Alison and another friend, reporter Duncan Bloom must find out the how and whys of the death of the local activist. 

Lake of Fire is the fourth in this series that brings back some previous characters with a mystery taking place during a raging fire that may not have been caused by lightning but by sinister people at work with their own agenda's. Alison is a strong personality who is determined to find out who set the fire and how and why her friend was murdered. With an underground group of anti-government extremist to deal with, will she be able to find out what happened or is she just putting herself and those she loves at risk?

Like I said this is a well-written mystery, engaging and real characters and the writers feel for real events that make this novel an easy and exciting read. I read it in a couple of sittings and thoroughly enjoyed it. I highly recommend this book!