The Outlander King

The Outlander King (The Aetheling's Bride Book 1) - Hilary Rhodes

The Outlander King tells the story of Aislinn from the age of 17, when she is captured by William the Conquerer. The story starts out in 1066 and goes through approximately 1072. William was the first Norman King of England starting his reign in 1066. He invaded England and the standing king, Harold was killed at the Battle of Hastings. William and his men are going from village to village demanding tribute from the people, not only monetary but taking the sons of the family. In the village of Brydley, not only does he demand the son of a family but also a daughter, Aislinn.  Edgar the Aethling was named King of England but never crowned, but since he was at war with William, he fled with Aislinn, his sister's and mother, along with Aislinn to King Malcolm of Scotland. This is where the story remains for the rest of the story. Aislinn is a fictitious character, but other characters such as William of Normandy and Edgar are based on real events.  Aislinn was raped by King William and also by a knight by the name of Corbin. As a result, there was a male child born, Aislinn marries but eventually runs away with Edgar for her safety and that of her child.  The time slip part of the story takes place 900 years later, in 1987, with a woman by the name of Selma. Selma is doing research on a missing manuscript, Aelthinga manuscript. The manuscript is found and deciphered and Selma learns the story of Aislinn, William and Edgar and the struggles that come with political upheaval.  This historical novel, which is a series, is the depiction of a strong woman who is determined to fight for what she believes in. What a time this must have been to live in, men wanting control of a country, wars all of the time waged for control, hardships that there were for the people of that time. Illnesses, war, and not knowing who to trust because there is always political turmoil and court intrigue in medieval time. The author did her research in telling this story and it shows. I enjoyed the novel and look forward to reading the next book in the series. - See more at: