Unleashed: A Kate Turner, DVM Mystery (Kate Turner DVM Mysteries) - Eileen Brady

Dr.Kate Turner is just minding her own business and getting on with life after her adventures in Muzzled, first book in the series, when she learns that one of her clients has committed suicide or is it murder? That is what Dr.Kate wants to figure out, much to the consternation of her grandfather and Luke, a detective friend of Kate's. She does manage to get information out of both Gramps and Luke as the case takes a decided turn, in that Claire, the dead woman, was murdered and did not kill herself.

So once again, Kate finds herself involved in a murder investigation. This one involves many different characters, A.J., a former high school sweetheart of Clair's, Gilda, the gallery owner that Clair worked at, and Russian artist Andrei. As the clues pile up, it is a matter of time before Kate figures out who killed Claire and why. Dr.Kate is nothing if not persistent so she will finally figure it out.

There is enough mystery, humor, animals and a glimpse into the art world to keep the lover of a cozy mystery wanting more. I enjoyed this story, I give it a 4, only because I found the ending anti climatic. Once the reader found out who the murderer was, the ending was quick. Like I said before, in spite of that, I did enjoy the story and will probably go find the first of the series, Muzzled, and learn more about Dr.Kate and her relationship with Luke.

I received an uncorrected copy of the book from Poisoned Press and was not monetarily compensated for my review.