Witchcraft Couture

Witchcraft Couture - Katarina West

So Oscar is a fashion designer who somehow, like what often happens to a writer, has a creativity block. People feel sorry for him so he works at a fashion house and kind of just skates by everyday, not really creating anything new and just kind of buries himself in alcohol. He is in Russia at a party and spots a woman in a black dress and she glows...just glows and everyone is drawn to her. Oscar is intrigued to get to know her and her secrets. 

His quest to find her leads him to a machine, called Sampo, looks like a small refrigerator, yes a refrigerator...crazy huh?  I thought so too, Legend has it that it can create riches beyond your wildest dreams, for Oscar all he has to do is put an article of clothing in it and it transforms into something that everyone wants. A gorgeous item, coveted by all who see it.

Sounds great right? Well Oscar thought so too, but he found that the more he used it the more he had to keep it secret and caused him numerous problems. He lives with his mother in a mansion, Villa Marisa in Italy, that was previously the home of the deceased fashion designer Marisa Marchetti, whose company he currently works for. The more time that goes by and the more successful Oscar becomes, the more paranoid and insecure he gets, as the clothes give him bad vibes and feel evil or is it all in his head? He constantly has to keep this machine a secret, but at some point the secret gets out and that is things get really interesting.

The characters in this story are interesting, there is Oscar himself, who I think is a bit off, a crazy ex girlfriend, a very strange mother and his best friend Ben, also a co worker. To me this story was very Faustian in nature, sell your soul for success. Of course this is a fantasy novel, written with all the knowledge that the author possesses about the fashion industry. I was a bit skeptical at first but I did really enjoy the story. I liked the author's descriptive writing, kept me turning the pages for sure.