Pigeon Blood (Detective Rein Connery, #1) - B.A. Braxton

"The ruby is considered to be the most powerful gem in the universe, and is associated with many astral signs. To own a ruby is said to have contentment and peace. The color of rubies varies from vermilion to red. The most desired color is "pigeon's blood", which is pure red with a hint of blue."

Dr.Blair Vaughn is a drunk, living on the streets along with many other homeless people. He choses to stay this way as his love for alcohol is greater than his love for life in general. One night he is in an alley and witnesses a murder being committed. That is bad in itself but he knows the victim, he had worked for her father in a dental practice. Blair is horrified to see that the victim is someone that he knows closely. The term pigeon blood refers to the ruby, a gemstone. Now what does a gemstone have to do with a murder you ask? 

Along with Dr.Cynthia Maxwell, there is another victim in this murder spree and Blair is determined to find out who is responsible. Along with a fellow homeless buddy, Horace Long they slowly unravel as to the who and why these murders occured. The truth is closer than Blair knows. This story depicts live on the streets, Drugs and alcohol play an important role as to the why there are homeless people. These people are a tight knit group in that they will help out any way they can. I loved how the story had it's share of twists and turns. I was totally supportive of Blair, even though he is definitely a flawed individual, aren't we all, and I was rooting for him to get cleaned up and get back to his practice. Does this happen, does he figure out who the murderer is? Go get your copy and find out. You won't be disappointed, Pigeion Blook is a great mystery story exploring not only a crime that is committed but the human condition of how our lives can change in an instant. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this story and I highly recommend it is you are interested in a good mystery.