Seducing Excel by Sofia Santiago, MBA

Seducing Excel Volume 1: Ooh la la, Quickies!: Enjoy the Sexy Features of MICROSOFT EXCEL 2010 That Men Wish Women Had Too - Sofia Santiago, Dani De la Chica

Need I say what a fun book this was? Yes I do!! Seducing Excel, Volume 1: Ooh la la, Quickies is a book simplified to understand the basics of Excel. I used Excel spreadsheets a lot when I was working. Even took a college class to help me understand it a bit. This class was very dry, I did ok in it, I think an A but I felt like I left not really knowing what the heck I was doing. Now I never thought that spreadsheets were sexy at all. Apparently they are, at least to Sofia Santiago. With this book you will learn shortcuts and time saving tips and tricks that you can use to make your understanding of Excel easier.

Part 1 is the Foreplay part of the book where you get into an introduction of what the book can do for you in your daily work, what are quickies and how to use the book. Part 2 gets into the Quickies part of the book, the meat of the book if you will. A few of the Quickies are: How to put your favorite stuff in a handy place, how to incorporate Word into the documents, and how to find and extract unique values for starters. You will learn how to enter your info into cells and how to use separate sheets.The last part of the book is of course the Happy Ending, by the time you reach this part of the book you will have learned that Excel is definitely female. 

I found this book to be unique in that it not only has a touch of humor to it but great explanations and detailed pictures to help you better understand what you are doing. I loved this little book and wish I had had it when I struggled to understand what the heck I was doing. Of course if I had realized that Excel was female, well, you just have to get this book if you spend a lot of frustating hours trying to figure out just what you are doing, once you have this little gem, then you can impress your co workers with what you have learned.