Square Affair

Square Affair - Timmothy J Holt

ecognized. Square Affair refers to five men who are arrested for having annoymous sex in the Courthouse bathrooms. They never thought they would be caught but they were and now have to face the consequences.


The story is narrated by Clara May and her friend Frieda, the town gossips. These ladies know everything that goes on in town. Clara May had her suspicions but kept it to herself. Clara May is an individual who is very progressive for her age and the era. Because of this a few of the men are very comfortable talking to her. I really liked her character.


The arrest of these five men and the consequences open up buried secrets that a few of them have harbored for a very long time. Are they all gay, have they grown accustomed to being gay and keep it secret, are they ready to "come out", choose to end their marriages, or do they keep their marriage together just because they feel it the right thing to do?  These are questions that are eventually touched upon as the author tells the story. We come to know the wives of a few of the men, their feelings and emotions are put to the test as the trial of the men is ready to begin. 


I found this story to be very well written and true to how it was back in the 60's. 50+ years later, being gay is finally being accepted by most people. Most states now allow gay marriage, actually my daughter married her significant other just last week in Florida. We have come a long way in those years and it is a big step that has been a long time coming. The author really delved into the emotions that all people in this small community have and how the arrest and subsequent trial has affected them.I really enjoyed this novel and highly recommend it.