Blood of the Fifth Knight

The Blood of the Fifth Knight - E.M. Powell

The Blood of the Fifth Knight continues the story started in The Fifth Knight. Sir Benedict Palmer and former nun,Theodosia are now married and have two children and live a quiet life, far away from the court of Henry II and all of it's intrigue. King Henry has his wife Eleanor of Aquitaine imprisoned for attempting to overthrow him. Rosamund Clifford is the king's mistress and after a failed assassination attempt, King Henry enlists Sir Benedict to protect her. Is Eleanor behind these attempts? Good question and it is up to Sir Benedict to make sure nothing happens to Rosamund. Sir Benedict is ordered by Henry, and is reluctant to leave his wife and children, but feels they would be safer where they are, not with him. Nothing could be further from the truth as an enemy has penetrated the Palmer household and Theodosia and her children are at risk from this new enemy.


Even though Sir Benedict does all he can to protect Rosamund, he is not successful and is accused of her death, beaten and imprisoned waiting to be hung. At the same time Theodosia is also imprisoned, along with her children for being in league with the devil. While this is not true of course, it makes for a harrowing course for Benedict and Theodosia. Can they both be acquitted of their supposed crimes? Well that is why you need to read this book, to find out what happens in this medieval thriller.


The amount of research that went into this novel is evident in the writing. She has put a voice to the characters, whether real or imagined, that makes this book a page turner. I hope that there will be another book with the continuing of a great read. I thoroughly enjoyed it.