Shadows in the Fog

Shadows In The Fog (Sam Slater Mysteries Book 5) - Greg Messel
I love the Sam Slater Mysteries, each one just gets better than the previous one. This installment has Sam and Amelia Slater battling with the mob in San Francisco in the late 50's. Amelia has now retired from being an airline stewardess, which at the time was a very prestigious job. The only problem for Sam and Amelia, is that a stewardess can not be married. Amelia comes to work with Sam at the his PI office. She gets her PI license and is ready to go.
They are tasked with investigating the murder of a cop and the disappearance of a young woman, daughter of wealthy politician. As they further investigate each case, they discover that they are both related. Sam doesn't like to do cases where he is asked to follow a spouse and see if there is any cheating going on. But as a favor to a cop friend of his, he takes on the case. A young cop thinks his wife is cheating on him. He agrees to meet the young cop in a park, while sitting in the car the policeman is shot and killed. Now Sam needs to find out why.
An up and coming politician in San Franciscan politics has hired Sam and Amelia with trying to find out where their daughter is, she disappeared three years previous. They feared she was dead but when they received a letter from her stating that she is alive and well, they want to find her. Unbeknownst to either of them, the two cases are closely related. Further into their investigation, Amelia is kidnapped she and Sam threatened with bodily harm if they continue into the investigation of the police officer. Of course they don't stop the investigation because they were hired to do a job and do that job they will.
I love the characters in this series, Sam and Amelia are so in love and it comes through in the author's writing. The author not only talks about San Francisco and its surroundings but includes pictures of the areas he is describing. I was born in the early 50's and I enjoyed looking at the pictures and picturing in my mind what it was like at a time when there were no cellphones or computers. Very descriptive.
Not only do Sam and Amelia get involved with the San Franciscan crime boss but with the dangerous elements in Chinatown, that puts them both in serious danger. A thrilling ride for sure. Like I said before, I love this series and look forward to reading the sixth book in the series.