When Camels Fly by MLB Norton

When Camels Fly - N.L.B. Horton

I read this book awhile back, not sure why I never wrote a review..This is a story about a family who all have different lives,  Grace, is an archaeologist, her daughter Maggie is a hydrologist, husband Mark is a retired CIA agent and their son Jeff is a newscaster for the BBC. Maggie is kidnapped and Grace rescues her only to be on the run from some not so very nice characters. Mark and Jeff travel to the Middle East to rescue them and there the adventure begins for the whole family.

This tale is full of family values, which to me is important in a story. This is a family that is very close to each other. Grace is middle aged but still yearning for adventure, her husband is perfectly happy to stay at home. Maggie is young and idealistic and has not yet fully understood her vulnerability to life's dangers. The author skillfully weaves suspense, intrigue and very strong women in the lead roles. The descriptions of the Middle East are so real that you almost feel like you are there. The dangers abound, will Grace and Maggie get rescued in time?? You will have to read the book to find out. I look forward to reading and reviewing The Brother's Keepers, the next book in the series from this wonderful storyteller!