Fugitive Colors

Fugitive Colors: A Novel - Lisa Barr

Fugitive Colors is a story about art, painters, love, revenge and redemption. The story takes place just prior to WWII and is about a group of painters that live and paint in Paris. An American, Julian Klein is the main character of the story. An idealistic young man who left America and his family because he did not want to conform to his father's rules. His father is a cruel man and does not understand Julian's desire to paint. 


Felix Von Bredow is a painter who is not as talented as Julian and Renee Levi, the third friend and fellow painter. Enter two women, Adrienne, Renee's girlfriend and Charlotte, the artists model. The mixture of these people is volatile to say the least, but it makes a great story. Time evolves and enter the Nazi's who are persecuting Jewish painters and confiscating their artwork. This story takes place over a long period of time


I know nothing about art or artist's but I found this book fascinating. There a lot of Holocaust books written lately but this one is in a class by itself, character driven and a believable story line that could very well have happened. the Hitler and his Nazis were cruel and inhuman people and it is always heartbreaking to read about the atrocities committed against a race of people. 


I thoroughly enjoyed this book, the writing is very descriptive and enables the reader to almost be there. I love historical fiction and this time frame is especially interesting. I would highly recommend this book. I loved it!